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Happy start to the summer! We are on summer break from june 19th- july 27th. We are now booking appointments for the first week of august 2022, and look forward to see you then! To book please go to our home page, press the book now button and get directly on our august 2022 schedule. Enjoy the start of the summer!    To book your appointment call 510-927 6800 or 510-200 2756, or Request an appointment for your Massage or Acupuncture treatment online today, by filling out the form below. Please fill out all the required fields of this form, and in the comment box

Request a time and day Wednesday,  Thursday,  friday or saturday 10 am-10 pm.

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We verify Insurance.  And would love to check if your Insurance covers Acupuncture.     Please fill out all the required fields on the form, and in the comment box, please provide us with your date of birth; the name of your Insurance company; your member ID, group number and the provider services phone number on the back of your card, and the name of your employer or group. We will get back to you very soon, after we get your Insurance information.                  We look forward to providing you, with quality Acupuncture,Therapeutic and Medical Massage Therapy, and Chinese Medicine at Aster Acupuncture in Oakland.

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