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Oakland Acupuncturist CV.

                                 Practitioner Bio.

                             Board Licensed Oakland Acupuncturist;

                       Masja van der Hoog, MSOM, Lac, CAMT.

      Master of Science Oriental Medicine, Board Licensed Acupuncturist,

                      Certified Acupressure Massage Therapist.


Phone number:  510-927-6800   or 510-200 2756; Oakland, CA

Email; masjavanderhoog@gmail.com



                                                Professional memberships;

  • Professional member of American Acupuncture Council, since 2013.


  • Professional member of AMBP; Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals. Liability and malpractice insurance since 2012.


                                                 Certificates and licenses;

  •  California Acupuncture Board Licensed Acupuncturist; California Acupuncture Board; since 2010. Current Acupuncture License for 2014-2016
  • CPR for the healthcare profession certified by the American Heart Association since 2008

                                                 Education and degrees.

  • 2004-’08; Acupuncture Integrative Medicine College (AIMC), 2550 Shattuck ave, Berkeley, CA.

Master of Science in Oriental Medicine; degree received in 2008. Four year ACAOM accredited Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine Master’s program, with over 3000 hrs. of education, and over 800 clinic hrs.

Curriculum; Integrative biology, organic biochemistry, integrative physics, psychology, counseling, anatomy, physiology, integrative science, western medical pathology, western physical exam, nutrition, vitamins ( over 400 hrs.), history of medicine ( over 30 hrs.), western clinical sciences, western internal medicine, pharmacology, western pharmacology ( over 128 hrs.), Tai Chi, TCM medical theory, diagnosis, needling technique, acupressure ( over 660 hrs.),

herbology (over 300 hrs.), including botany, practice management/ ethics (over 30 hrs.), over 800 hrs. of clinical Acupuncture training, Acupuncture, Herbal Chinese Medicine; Cupping, and Moxa.


  • 2002-’03          Santa Monica College, Pico Blvd., Santa Monica, CA; transfer degree; general sciences; biology; anatomy/physiology ( including complete dissection of a human cadaver).


  • 1998.   Acupressure Institute, 1533 Shattuck ave, Berkeley, CA; Diploma Acupressure Practitioner.

Curriculum; Tui Na (Chinese Medical Massage); Shiatsu; Jin Shin Acupressure, Sports/ Orthopedic Acupressure, Anatomy.


  • 1991.   Montessori Lyceum, Amsterdam, Holland, Europe; University preparatory college diploma; 6 years of  European pre university level courses; social sciences, languages, math, science, chemistry and art.



Fluent in spoken word in the English, Spanish, French, Dutch, and German language. Fluent in written word in English, Dutch, and French. Good command of written language in Spanish, and German. Basic understanding of Chinese Pinyin as in the context of Chinese Medicine.



                                               Acupuncture work experience.

  • 2011-Present.              Aster Acupuncture in Oakland, CA; Quality Acupuncture and Massage Therapy House calls by Masja van der Hoog, LAc. Responsibilities: Acupuncture intakes; TCM diagnosis and treatment; Massage Therapy; Chinese Herbal Medicine prescription; and nutritional consultation; marketing; leadership; financial planning and bookkeeping.


  • 2011-’12.         Charlotte Maxwell Clinic, 2601 Mission st, San Francisco, CA (clinic for low income women with cancer); Acupuncturist, responsible for Acupuncture Integrated Medicine -intake, -diagnosis, and -treatment, Herbal TCM prescription.                                                                          


  •  2010-2011.                 Preparation for CA Acupuncture state board exam, and launch of my Oakland Acupuncture start up; Bay Area Acupuncture Integrated Medicine practice, Oakland; CA (BAAIMP).
  • 2009-2010.                  Dr Lifang Liang, Lac, Acupuncture Fertility clinic, 450 Sutter st, San Francisco, CA: Acupuncturist’s assistant, responsible for: doing patient intakes; medical chart preparation; filling Herbal Chinese Medicine prescriptions; reception work; entry of patient info in patient tracker software; payments; appointments; reports. Paid clinical externship with specialization in Acupuncture Oriental Medicine for fertility enhancement; gynecology and pregnancy.


  • 2007-’08.         AIMC Berkeley community Acupuncture clinic; Bay area Acupuncture clinical intern, responsible for: taking patient vitals; preparing medical charts; doing patient intakes; Acupuncture Integrated Medical exams; TCM diagnosis; Acupuncture, cupping and Massage; prescribing and filling Herbal Chinese Medicine; over 800 hours of clinical Acupuncture patient treatment hours.


  • 2007-’08.         West Berkeley Family Practice, 2031 6th st, Berkeley, CA; AIMC Berkeley Acupuncture clinical intern; responsible for patient intakes and assessments in a western medical clinic, great time management in one hour treatment format; blood pressure readings; TCM diagnosis, Acupuncture, Massage, Cupping and Chinese Herbal Medicine prescriptions.


  • 2005-’11.         CDO Bay Area, Vallejo, CA; Bay Area Acupuncturist for Martial Arts team; Preparing Martial Artists for competitions, helping them with injury prevention, treatment and rehabilitation, with Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, and Sports/ Orthopedic Acupressure Massage.


                                                        Skills and Expertise of Bay Area Acupuncturist:

  • M. v/d Hoog has the ability to put together a detailed patient history, keeping updated, confidential medical records, using medical terminology.


  • She has experience in creating a harmonious patient flow; welcoming patients; taking patients vitals ( blood pressure, height and weight); overviewing western medical charts; and doing Acupuncture Integrated Medical evaluations and exams.


  • Miss v/d Hoog, has a proven track record of successfully treating patients suffering from major medical disorders, diseases and injuries with Acupuncture in the Bay Area and Chinese Herbal Medicine. She has the ability to augment the Qi (energy) in the meridians, eliminate pain (stimulate endorphin’s) and stop inflammation.


  • M v/d Hoog has experience in undertaking thorough TCM assessment and diagnosis of patient conditions, and experience in formulating a sound course of treatment for patients, according to TCM treatment principles and differential diagnosis, choosing from various Integrative Medical Treatment modalities, such as;
  • Chinese and Japanese style Acupuncture and Acupressure; Moxa; traditional fire cupping (moving cupping); Chinese Herbal Medicine and nutrition. Masja has expertise in administering Acupuncture pins depending on the degree of patient sensitivity, and is proficient in Japanese no pain technique.


  • She has 15 years of experience providing quality Yin Shin Acupressure; Sports/ Orthopedic Acupressure Massage; Shiatsu; Tui Na (Chinese Medical massage); Swedish-; Deep Tissue-, Prenatal-; Hot Stone- Massage. She has expertise in treating pain, muscular and skeletal injuries and soft tissue damage/ trauma from accidents, work injuries/ repetitive stress injuries, mental emotional disorders and stress.


  • Masja van der Hoog has experience in patient care, customer service and sales; she is a proactive, self-motivated, hardworking Oakland Acupuncturist, and an innovator.


  • She works with the following computer programs; Microsoft Office (Word, Excel); Power Point; patient tracker software; and point of sale software.


  • Miss van der Hoog is a person with good judgment, and strong personal integrity. She has the ability to communicate with patients of all ethnicity, religions and sexual orientations in a respectful and culturally sensitive way.


  • She provides caring and patient centered treatments, and has high patient retention; great bed side manners; a gentle, friendly, sympathetic and calm demeanor. She is a practitioner who cares about her patients improvements, wellbeing, safety, and healing.


  • She has the ability to communicate with insurance companies and primary healthcare providers from various medical disciplines, and she has had training in doing worker’s compensation cases.


  • Miss van der Hoog is a trustworthy person with strong interpersonal skills. She is a great communicator. She is flexible when working with others, always open for new ideas and suggestions, and works for innovation, change and fairness. She strives to create more wellbeing and health, end suffering and alleviate pain.


Thank you for reading my Curriculum Vitae, I can be reached at; 510-927 6800, or by email; Masjavanderhoog@gmail.com,

Masja van der Hoog, MSOM, LAc, LAMT.
















































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